Hive Lock - Gripple & Cable


3m length of 5mm stainless steel cable and Gripple locking device for securing Bee Bunka components together.

Sizes: Fits a hive with up to 3 supers.
Material: Stainless steel.
Lead Time: 7 days
Product Description:

• The Gripple device is designed to join 2 ends of a steel cable, allowing for tightening and holding up to 500kg.
• The device is released using a pin to free each side of the cable and loosen the loop.
• Looping a cable around the Bee Bunka and through a Gripple effectively locks all of the components together.
• This serves as a deterrent to theft and vandalism and eliminates animal interference.
• Very easy to operate with gloves on and designed for outdoor use, these are our favourite locking system.

The 3m cable can fit around a brood chamber, 3 supers and a lid.
The stainless-steel cable is 5mm thick.
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