6-Frame Catch Box


Wooden catchbox treated with Waxol, containing 6 brood frames with wax-strips and wire, and a metal lid cover.

Sizes: One size fits all.
Material: Waxol treated wood and metal lid covering.
Lead Time: 5 working days.
Product Description:

• Catch boxes are the quickest way to get new swarms. They are small and lightweight allowing you to hang them from trees or place on roofs where swarms of bees can find them easily.
• Once a swarm is established inside the catch box you can easily transfer them with the brood frames into a brood chamber (adding 4 brood frames).
• The 6-frame catch box has proven to be the most successful (vs 5 or 8 frame) in catching swarms.
• These are the quickest way to .
• The metal lid covering helps with durability and the lid is designed to interlock with the main chamber.
• The entrance features a removable reducer with left and right entrances.

500mm x 250mm x 300mm
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