The Bee Bunka Moulding Process

Make you own lightweight-concrete beehives.

About the Moulds

The Bee Bunka Moulds, are easy-to-use tools for making your own lightweight-concrete Langstroth style beehives. As-easy-as baking a cake; prepare the moulds, mix the materials, pour the concrete, let it cure and remove the parts.

With these low-tech moulding tolls you can make everlasting beehives off-grid, anywhere, cheaply and quickly.

Concrete is a cheap, durable and easy to use material. In recent years lightweight-concrete has become a common and sought-after building material, that is allowing the benefits of concrete to be applied in various products and fields. Lightweight-concrete is typically made using perlite, vermiculite, charcoal, hurds or polystyrene as an aggregate to replace stone. In this way the weight of the concrete can be substantially reduced, while increasing the insulation coefficient. Using these aggregates reduces the concrete's strength, although through research and years of experimentation we have designed a concrete mix and reinforcing system that achieves a structural-strength lightweight-concrete.

The Bee Bunka Mould Set consists of a brood chamber, super chamber and lid mould. The moulds are made from high-impact and chemically-resistant thermo-formed plastic. The material and design is the result of over 3 years of testing, refinement and iteration - ensuring that the requirements of the bees, beekeeper , material and manufacturer are exceeded. The plastic comes away from the concrete perfectly every time, with some help from the specially engineered shape of each of the parts. The 3 moulds are all one-part-trays which means that they work in a similar way to moulds for ice-cubes or sand-castles.

You can sell the beehives, run experiments with them and simply use them to expand your apiaries. The Basic Set of moulds (1 lid, 1 brood-base, 1 super) will allow you to make a Bee Bunka - making supers one at a time. If you need to make hives quickly we suggest buying the Production Set, with 2 super moulds, to speed up your production. If you are in a hurry, and want to produce at a rate of a hive-a-day, three mould sets will be ideal.

Price List

We take orders via email or phone call - see contact details at the bottom of the page. We ship nationwide and internationally, working with a trusted local courier and an international forwarding agent to deliver moulds safely, quickly and affordably.




Brood Base Mould

R4 900

Super Chamber Mould

R3 450

Lid Mould

R2 785

Production Set (1 brood base, 1 lid, 2 super moulds)

R14 585

Basic Set (1 brood base, 1 lid, 1 super mould)

R11 135

Double Super Set (1 brood base, 1 lid, 3 super moulds)

R18 000

Reinforcement Fibers (1 puck per hive / price per puck)




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