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    South African Beekeeping Equipment
  • Alternative
    Beekeeping Approach
  • Improved
    Durability and Insulation
  • Innovative
    Manufacturing System
  • Empowering Beekeepers
    In 18 Countries

More Honey

Durability and insualtion will increase productivity.

Less Money

A low-cost way to make high quality Langstroth beehives.

Do It Yourself

Make concrete beehives for your apiary, or to sell.

Welcome to BEEGIN

Beegin started in 2016 as a university research project, with the aim of finding solutions to the problems faced by beekeepers. Problems such as the loss of beehives due to theft, vandalism, fires, honey-badgers, weathering and other insects. The outcome was a lightweight concrete beehive (a durable, low-cost alternative to wood) and the moulding tools for making them. Based on the standard Langstroth system, these hives protect beekeepers, and bees, from hive losses, so that money can be spent on increasing the apiary size, instead of maintaining it. The moulds also offer a revolutionary new way for people to make their own beehives at home, building up their apiaries and even selling hives to their local communities. With these as a foundation the Beegin business was formed with the aim of providing this, and other, technology to the beekeeping industry, working towards a bright future with bees.

More About Beegins Beginnings

Introducing the Bee Bunka

Make your own concrete beehives and give your beekeeping business a boost!


We offer ready-made concrete beehives to our local market and the moulding tools for making beehives can be sent to anywhere in the world. Click on one of the items to see more information and prices

The impenetrable, everlasting Langstroth style beehive.

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Easy-to-use forms for making your own lightweight-concrete beehives.

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Locally designed and made, durable, protective suits for beekeeping.

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Frames, Queen Excluders, Wax Sheets & Hive Locks.

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South Africa, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Brazil, Ghana, Malta, Kenya, Tanzania, Papua NG, Antigua, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Eswatini & Lesotho


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Our Research

Beegin is constantly colecting data, uncovering new issues, developing solutions, improving our products and designing new technology. If you would like to find out more about our research, check out the following summarised articles, and please forward any insights, ideas or queries that you may have.

What material should beehives be made from to support sustainability and growth in the beekeeping industry? Find out how we answered this question. (4MB file)

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