• Protect Your Bees
    Reinforced, lightweight-concrete beehives.
  • More Honey
    Insulation, productivity and health benefits.
  • Reduce Costs
    Make your own low-cost beehives.


Through a rigorous, iterative, participatory design development and research process we have appropriated the standard beehive and made it more accessible and sustainable.


We manufacture and sell ready-made, high-quality, steel-reinforced, lightweight-concrete beehives - for our local beekeeping industry.


Making concrete beehives is cheap, easy and quick, so we have made the tools available for everyone, anywhere, to beegin.

Welcome to BEEGIN

Beegin started as a University project in 2016 with the goal of developing a system for emergent beekeepers to become fully self-sufficent and keep bees in a more sustainable way. Through intensive participatory research and field testing I developed a an appropriate technology system that is accessible (low-cost & low-tech) and sustainable (economically & environmentally), The system is centered on lightweight-concrete beehives and the moulding tools for producing the hives - appropriating standard Western beekeeping systems. This revolutionary new way of making durable, low-cost, insulating beehives is the answer to so many of the problems facing beekeepers, and I hope it will contribute towards a brighter future in bees.

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We offer readymade concrete beehives to our local market and the moulding tools for making beehives can be sent to anywhere in the world. Click on one of the items to see more information and prices

The impenetrable, everlasting Langstroth style beehive.

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The simple, easy-to-use forms for making your own Langstroth style, lightweight-concrete beehives.

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The impenetrable, everlasting Kenyan Horizontal Top-Bar style beehive.

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Our Mission

Protect the honeybee

Honeybees are our most valuable pollinators, responsible for up to two-thirds of all our food. In the past decade over half of the worlds bee populations have died off. Beegin aims to help ensure the ongoing survival of the honeybee.





Help the beekeeper

Beekeepers around the world are struggling to keep up with the rate of colony and equipment loss due to diseases, theft, vandalism, bears, badgers, fires, pests and extreme weather. Meanwhile cheap, adulterated "honey" imports are driving prices down and forcing local beekeepers out of the business. Beegin aims to provide alternative equipment that can withstand the litany of threats and increase the beekeepers yeild, allowing them to grow their businesses.

Help the farmer

Global wild pollinator species have declined severely in the past few decades and farmers are relying increasingly on migratory pollination contracts with beekeepers to gaurentee their annual crop yeilds. However, the practise of transporting bees has increased the mortality rate of bee populations - weakening swarms and spreading diseases. The price of pollination rentals is also climbing at an unsustainbable rate as the bees become harder to replace. Beegin aims to encourage and enable farmers to easily take pollination into their own hands.

Help the poor

Beekeeping offers huge potential for socio-economic development in marginalised communities in both urban and rural areas. Although many organisations promote 'beekeeping for development' success is limited by the viability of the standard equipment and technology. Beegin aims to work with organisations to provide communities with the tools to make durable, low-cost beehives.



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Discounted Presale: Bunka Moulds
  • November - December 2018
  • Southern Africa
  • The Bee Bunka moulds will be available soon. To ensure our list longest-waiting clients recieve theirs first we will be taking orders in advance. If you are on the list we will contact you directly in November.